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2015 ‘Day of Shame’

The perverted “Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network” (GLEN) has announced that April 17th, 2015, will be their annual “Day of Silence”, when homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, and other mentally ill schoolchildren will be encouraged to remain silent all day at school, in order to bring attention to their anti-Christian lifestyle and cause. In response, the Knights Party Crusaders Youth Corps will be responding with our own annual “Day of Shame”, wherein White heterosexual school children refuse to be bullied by the disgusting Sodomites or their highly inappropriate, creepy hyper-sexualized adult ‘sponsors’ and promoters, many of whom are homosexuals, themselves.

Ask your child’s school if the administration or any ‘student’ organization on campus plans on participating in this April 17th’s ‘Day of Silence’. Talk to your kids about the purpose of the day being to legitimize and promote the homosexual lifestyle. Encourage them to stand up and speak up for traditional marriage and family values. If you find that your local school will be subject to this homosexual bullying, please contact us at Let’s work together, to keep our kids safe!

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