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That’s so gay

Being a young person today is more difficult than ever. During a time of life when you are becoming a young adult, your body is going through a lot of physical and chemical changes. Your brain is, too. Part of those changes include becoming a man or woman, as your gender dictates, and developing feelings of attraction for the opposite and complimentary gender. We were created in two halves of a whole, male and female, as God designed. Males and females are, as you have noticed, very different from one another. And, aren’t we glad of that! Our Heavenly Father designed us that way, so that through the holy guideline of marriage, we can join together as he designed, male and female, into one partnership.

Many of the young people who attend public school, or even watch much television, have seen or heard something lately about “bullying”. Of course, bullying has always existed, just as inequality in size and strength between people has always existed. Today, though, bullying seems to be the favorite new liberal way to stifle free speech. Of course, bullying is wrong. Of course, you should stand up to bullies. However, many enemies of free speech want to silence anyone who might criticize the perverted and disgusting agenda they are trying to promote in public schools, just as in the rest of society. What we are talking about, when we are discussing the frantic, shrill opposition to bullying, is really a thinly masked attempt to promote homosexuality. Watch for it, and you will see. Anyone who criticizes the homosexual agenda, or gay marriage, or homosexuals adopting children, will be accused of “bullying”. It’s like a junior version of hate speech laws. If anything that is said might hurt someone’s feelings, they can say that they felt “bullied” by it, and that speech can be forbidden, or even punished. As liberals always do, hypocritically, the homosexual activists and their supporters are trying to bully people into silence, by pretending to oppose bullying. They are pretending to want to protect children, when they really want to convert them into homosexuals, or browbeat them into accepting gays and the queer lifestyle as being “okay”. Of course, they are wrong. That is why The Knights Party sponsors a “National Day of Shame” each year to counter the “National Day of Silence” promoted by the anti-God homosexual extremists in our public schools across America.

Today’s leaders lack any real moral compass, or sense of right and wrong, when it comes to homosexuality. The President of the United States openly and avidly promotes the legalization of gay marriage. His opponent, supposedly more ‘conservative’, thinks that it’s great for gays to be able to adopt children. However, God’s sense of right and wrong never changes. He has told us repeatedly in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin. Like Daniel, and like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, sometimes we have to speak up against sin, especially when it is being promoted as a virtue. When we do, we will not be alone, just as they were not alone. God will be with us. Talk to your parents and your friends. Discuss with them that homosexuality is wrong, and unnatural, and you don’t want to be forced into accepting it. Being bullied into silence when it comes to the truth is just so gay.

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