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Knights’ Party Crusaders launch Nationwide Protest Against Gay Day of Silence

On April 20, 2012, schools across America will allow participants in the Day of Silence to bombard the rest of the student body with an unsettling idea; stand up for homosexuality or share the guilt. And what is this guilt they want the entire student body to bear? They believe that every time a homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender student commits suicide or uses drugs or alcohol, that it is the fault of a gay hating population. Of course, they neglect to mention that these LGBT youths are mentally unstable in the first place.

Rather than setting these kids free from a burden of abominable sin, the adult perps in the LGBT movement are using children and teens as pawns to legitimize their own behavior and to win legal protections for themselves.

Shelby Pendergraft, host of Youth Focus which can be watched at, says it is deplorable that the whole national anti-bullying campaign was started as a ruse to get supporters for the gay community. “When I search out news for discussion on my show ,it never fails to pass my attention that all of the anti-bullying talk is linked with language that supports queer teens. I have seen videos that were used in health classes in the 1950’s that warn kids to be on the lookout for homosexuals and to stay far far away. Now it is more likely that a queer is teaching the health class and in many cases discussing ways to engage in sodomy!”

It is important that the Day of Silence is not ignored.  It is a passive aggressive  means of bullying Christian students.  The United States was founded as a Christian nation and should our nation collapse, the blame will, in part, be attributed to the rise of the sodomite culture, their agenda, and their exploitation of America’s innocent children. What a shame.

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