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Alfred Kinsey – Father of the Modern Sexual Revolution

Why is this information put here?  GLBT Youth are victims of a pedophile loving mad man who used bogus scientific research to convince America that one in ten men were gay, that 95% of married men cheated on their wives, and that 24% of married men had homosexual affairs.  While there were some homosexuals at the time and some men did cheat, the reality is that America remained a wholesome nation of monogamous people who revered marriage and traditional values.  Sexual deviants have such self hatred that in order to make themselves feel more normal, they want others to feel the way they feel or do the things they do. This way they don’t feel isolated or alone in their behavior.  They are mentally ill, but often still able to live their day to day life as most others do.


GLBT youth feel that they are in charge of their destiny.  They feel they are the ones making the decisions about their life and their sexuality, but in fact they have been carefully crafted through a wide variety of venues.  If you don’t believe this, read the article, The Crafted bi/homosexual youth.  This article is not an opinion piece.  It repeats and quotes exactly the words of leading homosexual and lesbian activists who talk of their clever use of brainwashing. Find the article under the Science section of this site. Read it and it will absolutely shock you.  If you are a GLBT teen, then you have been used.  If you are just a teen who wants to stop the so-called bullying, perhaps you should consider that your gay friends have already been bullied by mentally ill activists into accepting a destructive lifestyle that on average lessens a gay person’s lifespan by twenty years due to disease, suicide, and drug abuse.  If you believe that the GLBT lifestyle is wrong, but you want to “witness” to gay teens at your school, don’t.  You can pray for them, but only a change of heart on their part of a profound nature and an earnest desire and love of truth will set them free.  By continuing in even light friendship or conversation with GLBT youth, you risk endangering the lives of other confused teens who may believe that there are no consequences to their choices.  While all sin, all sin is not the same.  A tough stance must be taken and contact avoided.  This goes for GLBT family members also.

The information below may be disturbing, but it is fact that there are sick people who have used fake scientific means to trick generations of people.  Alfred Kinsey was one such man and his sex studies should have put him in prison, followed by a guilty verdict of crimes against humanity, followed by lethal injection.

Read on….


Alfred Kinsey, Jewish father of the sexual revolution. Kinsey was a homosexual, a pedophile, and a madman. His staff consisted of like-minded non-professionals who were touted as ‘experts’, and his subjects polled consisted of the dregs of humanity: psychopaths, rapists, pedophiles, sexual deviants, the mentally retarded, inmates of mental institutions, and criminals of all walks of life.

Kinsey — possibly a victim from his infancy of the same evil acts he committed — was a sexual deviant and most of all a monstrous child molester as were those on his staff. Testimony to that fact is chapter 5 of the Report, which could only be described as torture and sexual violation of infants, toddlers and prepubescent children.

Table 34, itemizing the ages of each ‘subject’ — male babies aged five months to 14 years — used in the ‘scientific study’, also listed the number of infantile orgasms in a given time period, multiple orgasms, and proves beyond even a shadow of doubt that the innocent, helpless, babies were being criminally sexually abused.

To our knowledge, no charges were ever levied either against Kinsey himself or the institution. At this point, that is not surprising is it?… when we understand that the underlying motive is the destruction of an entire nation, socially, morally and spiritually. When morals and spirituality go, so goes the nation. The term ‘babies’ is used to define all children involved, because in the life span, prepubescent children are yet babes.

As painful as it is to type these following words, or for you – our reader – to read them, I find that unless we are hit smack in the head, in the gut, and in our heart with the gruesome details, the inhumanity of these creatures escapes our senses. It seems to be stored as just more information somewhere in a place where our emotions do not enter.

Here is an extract from chapter five of the Kinsey Report, describing what happened to those babies during the scientific investigation. As you read, consider this crime being committed on one of your children – or a child you love. Infants of 5 months, 11 months, toddlers, all the way up to 14 years. The excerpt is taken from a report by Judith Reisman.

“Extreme tension with violent convulsion: Often involving the sudden heaving and jerking of the whole body. Descriptions supplied by several subjects indicate that the legs often become rigid, with muscles knotted and toes pointed, muscles of abdomen contracted and hard, shoulders and neck stiff and often bent forward, breath held or gasping, eyes staring or tightly closed, hands grasping, mouth distorted, sometimes with tongue protruding; whole body or parts of it spasmodically twitching, sometimes synchronously with throbs or violent jerking of the penis. … A gradual, and sometimes prolonged build-up to orgasm, which involves still more violent convulsions of the whole body; heavy breathing, groaning, sobbing, or more violent cries, sometimes with an abundance of tears (especially among younger children)”

Not one of the monster ‘experts’ who brought those babies to multiple orgasms has been named a criminal or a terrorist. If the facts upset our reader, consider the life-long scars carried by those baby victims. Many are possibly today’s perverts. The Kinsey Report was touted as the book of facts on normal human sexuality.

Here are pages from his disgusting book.

Kinsey’s hagiographers, James Jones and Gathorne-Hardy never revealed these charts from Kinsey’s own book.  What ever happened to the “2 month” old who didn’t reach “climax” (etc.) despite “repeated attempts” by Kinsey’s Pedophile ring?  Will the charts be shown in the Kinsey “documentary” film? Hardly.  For how would they explain how Kinsey “got” these so-called scientific “data.”

Kinsey says it is “psychologic [sic] blockage” that causes many small boys not to reach, what Kinsey calls an “orgasm.”  He is quite sure the littlest tykes can do so when the right man “aids” them.  Kinsey’s colleague, Paul Tripp, announced on the Phil Donahue Show in December 1991 that the records of the sodomizing of these children were all carried out “scientifically” because these men used “stopwatches to record their thing.”  Using a “stopwatch,” accordingly, makes all rapists and murderers “scientists” according to this “trained” sexpert.  Read Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences (1998, 2000, 2003) to learn what constitutes the “training” of such men as Dr. Tripp and other “sexperts.”


Here Kinsey admits that “data from other subjects” means that of the 214 child sodomite attacks on these boys were “observed” during the assaults and the screams were coded as “orgasms” by Kinsey and the lackeys in his pedophile ring.


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